The new Sirius 600 kit is dimensionally based on our best selling model the Griffon 600. Apart from the skirt assembly virtually ever other part has been designed to help improve assembly. The craft is very durable against knocks as it is now fully vacuum formed and makes it an ideal racing craft. 

The Deck is made from 1mm ABS which has the additional advantage that once fully trimmed all that is required is either spraying the deck with paint or application of the sticker set supplied with the kit.

The additional change is that the craft is now supplied with a 7 inch duct , fully trimmed and ready for mounting your chosen brushless motor and duct onto the craft. 

Although the basic craft is supplied as an integrated craft using one electric motor for lift and thrust one major design change is that the Sirius 600 is the first model hovercraft manufactured by Palaform Limited which can be converted to a separate lift ( lift duct required - optional extra ) and thrust motor. This allows you to independently control the lift motor giving extra maneuverability with the option to go into a reverse mode. Minimum of three channel radio is required for the separated lift motor option. 

The model is available in either white or Black ABS.

The following Power packs are available

Option 1Single motor used for lift and thrust suitable for both the Griffon-600 and Sirius-600 craft, 

  • Power Pack B (S600 LTM PP)  - Forward only ESC

Option 2Separate motors for lift and thrust, (Lift duct also required for this option ) 

  • Power Pack C (S600 FWDREV PP) - For Thrust (Forward / Reverse ESC)
  • Power Pack A (S600 LFTM PP) - For Lift only
  • Sirius lift duct mould

Note: Electrically power model hovercraft are not guaranteed to work on grass.

Sirius 600 Radio Controlled Hovercraft Kit

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