The Aero Racer has a deck and hull made from Correx and polystyrene and a single motor for thrust and hover. It weighs only 1.3kg and is 750 x 450 x 330mm in size.  The kit is supplied with a pre-stitched bag skirt ready for mounting onto the main structure.

Most parts pre-trimmed and ready for assembly. Skids are supplied and are attached to the base to save damage to hull. Supplied with a universal motor mount to suit most outrunner b/less motors. Like all our crafts we supply twin rudders to provide precise maneuverability. The Aero is a fantastic easy to build first craft.

Kit is supplied with,

  • Deck.
  • Hull.
  • 9 inch duct.
  • Duct mount bracket.
  • Motor mount.
  • Screen.
  • Rudders.
  • Skids.
  • Pre Stitched bag skirt.

There is a choice of Power options for this model.

Option 1 - Standard

  • Power Pack E ( EGST PP )

Option 2 - High Performance A (

  • Power Pack F ( EGHPA PP )

Option 3 - High Performance B

  • Power Pack G ( EGHPB PP )

A Duct Guard is recommended for Option 2 and 3.

It also requires,

  • Battery pack.
  • 2 channel R/C system.
  • 1 servo (rudder only).
  • Silicon leads.
  • 3.5 or 4mm gold connectors.
  • Servo extension lead or control snake.
  • 90° bell crank  ( 3 required ) for rudders.

This electric model is designed for hard surfaces and water and is not designed to run on grass.

Additional information

Weight1.65 kg
Dimensions86 × 46 × 30 cm


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Additional information

Weight1.65 kg
Dimensions86 × 46 × 30 cm

Aero Racer Radio Controlled Hovercraft Kit

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