Note: We have a small number of Griffon-600 kits in 3mm White Depron, once these run out, the remainder of kits will be in 3mm Grey Depron.

Designed by Fran Oakey the Griffon 600 semi scale model hovercraft is manufactured by Palaform Limited. It is constructed from pre cut 3mm Depron making it very easy to assemble. Depron makes it a very light craft giving it excellent performance over land and water. The craft measure 600 x 300 mm and comes with all materials required to make the structure and a choice of 3 sticker colors.

The Griffon 600 will hover up to 20mm high and is a simple design for ease of assembly with easily replaceable skirts. It's light construction means it has long running times. To keep things simple the craft uses a single motor for both lift and thrust.

The structure is unsinkable and the model can also be converted into an air boat if required.

Note: Electrically powered model hovercraft are not guaranteed to operate on grass.

The Police Griffon-600 model is one we have created to show you what is possible (Currently Police sticker is not available)

The kit contains,

  • Depron pre cut structure.
  • Pre Stitched skirt.
  • Laser cut motor bracket.
  • 3mm Ply.
  • Balsa Sheets for Duct and reinforcement of Deck edge
  • Sticker Set.
  • Material for screen.
  • UHU POR glue.
  • Rudder Pivot on connecting rod.
  • Screws.
  • Instruction manual

The Griffon-600 model requires a 40 Amp Powerpack, as per link below

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions69 × 39 × 8 cm


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Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions69 × 39 × 8 cm

Griffon 600 Radio Controlled Hovercraft Kit

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