This is the new Mk 2 Sirius-600 released in April 2021 (Mk.1 Sirius-600 is now out of production).

The new Mk.2 Sirius-600 has been upgraded with a new Deck and Hull with a tapered nose and now incorporates a lift duct positioned towards the front of the craft, the Mk2 craft includes the following new parts:-

  • Revised Skirt design
  • Larger Battery tray and Seat Cover included
  • Choose from Red or Yellow Sticker set
  • Revised Rudder assembly (no pivot tubes required)
  • Bonnet (A bonnet screen can be made from a clear plastic bottle)
  • Bonus parts (Radar/light base plate + Radar Bar + Motor cover)

Optional Extra

  • Cabin and sticker set available (sold separately)

As the Mk2 Sirius carries over many of the Mk1's DNA we are therefore going to continue the registration numbers from S-201onwards.

From previous sales it was clear that the twin motor set-up (lift motor + thrust motor) was more popular than an integrated single motor craft.

This setup allows you to independently control the lift motor giving extra maneuverability with the option to going into a reverse mode if required. Minimum of three channel radio is required for the separated lift motor option.

For this reason, we have decided to supply the standard kit as a twin motor setup. An integrated craft using a single motor is still possible but would require additional parts (Please contact Palaform Ltd).

The Deck may be painted to colors of your choice prior to adding the supplied sticker set.

As per the Mk1 craft the 7” duct remains the same requiring limited trimming before assembly to the Deck.

The craft structure is made from 1.0mm HIPS (as of May 2022) which has the additional advantage that once fully trimmed all that is required is the application of the sticker set supplied with the kit.

The model is available in either White or Black and contains the following items, Deck, Hull, 7" Duct, Battery tray, Seat cover, Bonnet, Twin Rudders, Rudder pins, Servo/Rudder pin support, Sticker set, Skirt assembly, Foam block & Rudder support plate

The following Power packs are available,

Option 1Separate motors for lift and thrust

Power Pack E (20Amp) – Sirius Mk.2 – Lift

Power Pack C (FWD/REV) – Sirius Mk.1 & Mk.2 – Thrust

Option 2 - Single motor used for lift and thrust suitable for both the Griffon-600 and Sirius-600 Mk.1 & Mk.2 crafts (Splitter plate required with Sirius Mk.2 craft)

Power Pack B (40Amp) – Griffon, Sirius Mk.1 & Mk.2 – Thrust/Lift

(Additional rear splitter plate is required for the Sirius-600 Mk2 as per link below)

Splitter Plate – Sirius-600

Replacement Skirt for Mk.2 Sirius-600 craft, Skirt color: The Sirius skirt is supplied in the following colors based on sticker choice

  • Black with front Red Panel (supplied with Red sticker as standard)
  • Black with front Yellow Panel (supplied with Yellow sticker as standard)
  • All Black skirt assembly - by request only

Please indicate which option you would like via link below

Mk.2 Sirius-600 skirt assembly

Note: Electrically powered model hovercraft is not guaranteed to operate on grass.

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions64 × 32 × 15 cm


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Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions64 × 32 × 15 cm

Sirius-600 Radio Controlled Hovercraft Kit

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